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Internet terms of use – AGBs

  1. You can only use our internet after a successful registration at the reception. Internet usage takes place by entering a code, which is only provided to guests who accept the user agreement below by signing. By signing the user agrees, that all his personal internet communication and the related traffic data will be recorded in our system. Therefore the user has to disclose his internet traffic data (§§ 92ff TKG) and assures that all his personal data are complete and correct
  2. Die usage of the internet is free and only possible for the duration of the stay. Please note that teh operator is not liable for failure-free data connections or the availability of a certain transmission rate.
  3. The quality of the internet depends on the technical possibilities. In particular, the user has no right to the use the internet in any particular way or for a certain period of time.
  4. The hotel accepts no liabilty for damages (with the exception of intentional behaviour and physical injury), in particular, with the respect to the content of any websites or downloaded files. Furthermore, the hotel is not liable for any viruses contracted by using the internet guest-Wlan. The user takes note that the interent guest-Wlan solely permits access to the internet but does not contain any virus protection or firewalls and that all data is transmitted unencrypted.
  5. The calling up of pages with unlawful content and the distribution of unlawful or legally protected content is prohibited.
  6. For the user it is expressively forbidden to the use the internet for illegal downloads or for distributing copyright contents. Any abusive use of the internet, in particular, any use which may result in adverse legal consequences is probhibited.
  7. If the hotel is exposed to claims by third parties caused for any reason by the use of the internet by the user, the user is obligated to keep the hotel harmless and indemnify.
  8. In case of a violation or suspected infringement of these conditions, the use of the internet can be blocked at any time without any reasons being given. Liability for data loss is expressly excluded.
  9. The disclosure of the personal data serves to verify the user in order to find the suspect in the case of a third party claim due to a misuse of the internet. We guarantee that all personal traffic datas (mac-address) will be stored only internally for legal safety reasons. The user explicity agrees that we can storage his internet communication and the related traffic dates.
  10. Should any provision of this general usage termes and conditions be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining parts shall not be affected.